Friday, January 27, 2012

Genuine Monster Spray Tutorial

Do you have children? At some point they become little sponges and their imaginations run wild and from books to television they will see "monsters" both happy and mad. I love to snuggle my children at night as much as the next, but my oldest is 5 going on 6 this year and it seems the only excuse of never sleeping in their room is "Mommy I am scared of the monsters". I have recently moved my children in together and now they get to have slumber parties with each other every night! I made everything really fun for them and when bed time comes around they gladly go to the bedroom and lay in bed but it is like clock work 20 minutes in I hear "MOMMY MOMMY HELP" and then I remembered this post I saw somewhere a year ago about a woman who put water in a spray bottle and decorated her own label for kids scrapes and cuts so if the "it's ok" and the "walk it off" doesn't get them to calm down they just spray their spray and it is like a fun placebo for children.....which brings me to my craft GENUINE MONSTER SPRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * IT'S SURE TO KEEP THE MONSTERS AWAY* Materials: Paper, Printer, Scissors, Mod Podge, Spray Bottle and Paint
First using google I searched Monsters Inc and then copied the picture to MS Word then I printed and cut the paper. I Mod Podged it to the bottle and on one I used paint to make dots all around then filled it with water. YOUR DONE! Now take your children outside and make a fun day out of it and spray it around the outside of the house and be sure to spray under the bed and in the closet. I hope everyone likes this fun little craft it is sure to keep the kids happy and might even give mommy a good night sleep ;)


Rhetorical Randi

I LOVE it!! Carissa, that is such a clever idea!

Holly Lefevre

Adorable. We have sleep spray (it keeps the monsters away and makes them sleep - ha, ha!) I just add some lavender oil. My bottle is not as cute as yours love that you went the extra mile and made an awesome bottle!