Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrifty Headband Crafts

Yesterday I was thinking about what I was going to do next on my blog. I thought so much I got so frustrated and it seemed like nothing was working out the way I wanted until I remembered I had been wanting to do some headbands!! I know EVERYONE has a headband tutorial but mine only cost me about 25 cents to make. I had bought an 8 pack of headbands at the dollar store two years ago and never used them first of they were all horrible colors and NOT for an adult woman so I grabbed my supplies and went to work.

You will need:
1.Headbands(Dollar Store)
2.Glue Gun
3.Old Shirt or Scraps of fabric
4.Sewing machine
Can you see the ugly purple and shiny colored headband? I think it would be adorable on a child but on myself it would not work.

For the first one I took fabric scraps and cut thin strips of white fabric I used my hot glue and glued the fabric to the headband and just wrapped till it was covered all the way. I then took my scrap fabric *contrasting* and cut one long strip of fabric and interfacing the same size. I folded the fabric and sewed down the middle. After that I hot glued my pleated piece to the headband and it was ready to be worn!!

I used the same fabric I used from my scarf tutorial to wrap this one...simple but beautiful.

This one is just white and I left the fabric to fray because I LOVE a frayed headband.
I I used jersey fabric and made a braid then hot glued it to the headband for this one.

Here is another pleated headband 
I took a 40 inch strip of fabric and make it wide enough because your folding it in half length wise and running a gather stitch along the unfinished end then gather it and glue it to a round of felt. I glued a button and attached it to a bobby pin.

The braided 
Plain jersey fabric wrapped headband

A closer look at my pleated headband.

And that is it I made all of the headbands in about 30 min but I am a mother of two very active boys so it may be quicker if you don't have two crazy monsters running around ;)


Krystal Marie

Super cool!! love these where do you buy the plain headbands to make them with?


In the supply list at the top it says Dollar Store but I bought them two years ago.... I'm sure you can always get the headbands there.