Monday, November 29, 2010


I have been the worst freebie searcher for a while now I have been struggling with all the stress that comes with being a mom and not having a dishwasher and just everything and every time I get on the computer I am not interested in checking emails or even working on my crafts I do have to say I am slowly getting back into the groove of things though every day my kids and I check the mail and we get so excited because even though it has been a month since I have signed up for anything MY MAIL BOX IS ALWAYS STUFFED WITH FREE STUFF and I usually get big stuff so it comes in boxes and I even got my hubby signing up for freebies because he loves how much stuff I get now but he is a little discouraged because he never gets anything like I do but having a blog has helped me out!!! My husband has been on the search for a maxim magazine and they are always advertising a free issue for men he has been trying for months and months to get it and I tried a month ago and finally I HIT THE JACKPOT today I received three baby talk magazines,One American Baby,Two Maxims,Two Redbook which I HAVE TO SAY IS THE BEST MAGAZINE EVER,One Seventeen Magazine with Taylor Swift a special issue and an All You magazine in the past few weeks I have got a few more but cant find them I love getting free stuff so here is a pic of some of the stuff I got today!!

A Family that Crafts Together Stays Together!

Today we all worked on a birthday gift for MIL if was so much fun Cadon had complete control over the paper design and Ryan Painted then Brandon did the layout and was excited to get in there and help me out he did just as much as I did and came up with the idea himself it came out beautiful and I think maybe I might get the hubby and boys involved in all my crafting now because it was finished within and hour and I had more fun doing it I love how it turned out but can't post pics up yet...but I will soon!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cadon the Chef and our date night

Yesterday BOTH Ryan and Cadon spent the night at Brandon's parents house so they came over and picked them up around noon and after that Brandon and I had a little shock when we realized we had nothing to talk about and we were really lonely without the kids Brandon played COD and I caught up on the shows I missed out on with HULU after that we got hungry so I made dinner and we sat and ate together it was really nice and slowly got the hang of being alone and talked about what we should do later after dinner the hubby wanted to play more so I asked him what was so great about playing a shooting game and asked if he could teach me so I started to play I am not good at all but we had a ball I got so into it I was yelling at the tv haha I think its so funny how people get so involved in the games they yell and I have to admit I NOW KNOW WHY =)Brandon was so excited and we had a ball we played for about an hour and I was done after that we headed to Boise and hit up the Fred Meyer and Walgreens for som Movie candy then we headed to the theater and we saw Inception which I have to say was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life and Joseph Gordon-Levit was a hottie on a stick haha by the time it was over it was midnight and we were exhausted it took us about an hour to get home because it was snowing and there were two cars who had slid and it was pouring down snow we got home and warmed up apple pie and took it to the bed and both passed out I don't even remember putting my plate down ok I woke up the next day and we picked up our boys at Nana and Papa's house and they were full of fun stories and so happy THEY HAD THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES!!! and since we had no food in our house and no drinks I decided to head to the store with the boys Cadon did NOT want to go but then had a big idea and we got to the store and he picked out pizza dough and guided me through the store and got what he needed to make his own pizza it was so cute and we headed home and made our own pizza the kids had a blast!!! I am posting pictures of our pizza making fun I do have to mention that the boys made gingerbread houses at Nana's and everyone knows how hard it actually is but my little one year old ended up eating the WHOLE THING and LOVED IT...I have such crazy boys so enjoy the pictures!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving!!

So I have report our FIRST EVER Thanksgiving with my little family in our first home was a success the turkey came out perfect every thing was great even the dutch apple pie I can't tell you how happy this holiday makes me I think the best part of the holidays is sharing a nice dinner with the ones you love I had so much fun it was a blast Brandon woke up today excited like I had never seen him before and all because he was so happy to make his first turkey I was going to help but once he started to pull out stuff I ran to the bathroom and couldnt hold it in SO... I whimped out when I saw the poor nasty raw turkey but my hubby took care of that and I am so thankful for him after our tummy was stuffed we played Wii and after an hour or so of that has Apple Pie and Ice Cream the kids are asleep and today was a success enjoy the pics!!! our next big dinner will be on CHRISTMAS I CAN'T WAIT oh I also want to add I had a lot of fun hanging out with Aunt Lisa and getting our black friday on THANK LISA!!

And Here are some more pictures of the past few days just some random ones I want to post...ENJOY!

BAHAHA I CRACK MYSELF UP This is me in the Macrubber wig I was trying to crack my hubby up and decided to take this pic

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I decided to sew some pillow cases for Ryan's new day bed...I did not buy him a day bed his crib turns into one and the other day I spent a few hours doing it I LOVE HOW IT CAME OUT but I thought it needed some extra pillows and I had some mini pillows already I just needed to make the cases so since I had no ink I couldn't print out a stencil i liked i decided to just draw a bunny on computer paper then i cut it out and traced it with sharpie on the fabric I liked then I cut it out and started to sew I made two cases and they came out amazing I have never done this before and I have to say they came out beyond perfect enjoy the pics and let me know what ya think!!!!!!!!!

My Husband

I feel like such a lucky woman and oh so thankful to have found my soul mate. People say that when they find the love of their life they share SO MANY of that same interests already but when I met Brandon our personalities were completely different he was quiet and shy and I was loud and the life of the party but when we started dating it was like he calmed me down with out trying but he never told me to change or be someone else he made me comfortable enough to laugh or cry and loved me he was head over heals in love I had never seen a man act that way for a girl other then my father and how he acts when he talks about my mother and I knew he was the one we were both very young and very happy together and when we found out we were having a baby despite what most of my friends and other people thought he still loved me and he was so excited he wanted to take care of me and our baby and there was never any hesitation from him people told us it wouldn't last and how hard marriage is we had not even lived together figure out how hard it is to even live together that was hard enough but after our honeymoon in Williamsburg he finally moved in with me and when I realized all his faults and his OCD with food and how he cleans and everything you learn about someone once you live together I thought to myself I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE I think all the things he does although drive me crazy at times I LOVE about him and he loves me I don't know how dealing with a Puerto Rican woman is hard we are loud we talk a lot we care so much about everything and we are very emotional and tell everything like it is even when we should just bite our tongue but four almost five years later we are happy as ever he still leaves me love notes on the computer and everywhere else so that I can find them when he leaves for work if gets up earlier then me he wont wake me up he will let me sleep in he still works so hard so that I can stay at home and be the best mother I can be he knows what I am thinking just by my facial expressions he knows me so well and he loves me so much I appreciate everything he has done for me I am studying and trying to concentrate on myself because I not only want to get a better education for myself but I want to make my husband proud I want him to see me as an independent woman and I want to help him ease some of the financial burden off he is the light of my life he holds the key to my heart when he goes to work all I do is think about how lucky I am and when he comes home my heart still races because I get so excited to see him after a long day I just wanted to post this to let every one know I love my husband and I am the luckiest woman to be with a man who works so hard for his family and loves with all his heart I love you baby forever and always