Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday girl and other stuff

The kids and I went to the doctor today and we have a virus that has last longer then most it isn't a normal cold we have tons of energy and just very runny noses and a tiny cough and for me it has made my back pain increase like ten times but we will be fine and I am already feeling better on another note we would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAITON COOK COOK as Cadon says he was so excited to color on her card this time because instead of his normal picture of the birthday girl he was going to write sentences and write his name out like a big boy and he did he also wrote a big P on the envelope all by himself I couldn't believe he did it but he is getting very good at writing anyways when Paiton turned one I wrote her a poem:

A year has gone by,
How time has flown,
We can't believe
How you've grown
You're such a joy
And so much fun
We cant believe you're turning ONE!!!

and I wanted to write her another so here it goes:

Monkey see,
Monkey do.
Our little niece is turning two.
You’re a bundle of
Smart and Fun.
You put smiles on every one.
You capture our
hearts everyday!
With all the sweet things you say.
So today we celebrate you
Our little niece is now TWO!

We love you very much Paiton your such a blessing we hope you have a wonderful birthday and have lots of fun!!