Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cadon the Chef and our date night

Yesterday BOTH Ryan and Cadon spent the night at Brandon's parents house so they came over and picked them up around noon and after that Brandon and I had a little shock when we realized we had nothing to talk about and we were really lonely without the kids Brandon played COD and I caught up on the shows I missed out on with HULU after that we got hungry so I made dinner and we sat and ate together it was really nice and slowly got the hang of being alone and talked about what we should do later after dinner the hubby wanted to play more so I asked him what was so great about playing a shooting game and asked if he could teach me so I started to play I am not good at all but we had a ball I got so into it I was yelling at the tv haha I think its so funny how people get so involved in the games they yell and I have to admit I NOW KNOW WHY =)Brandon was so excited and we had a ball we played for about an hour and I was done after that we headed to Boise and hit up the Fred Meyer and Walgreens for som Movie candy then we headed to the theater and we saw Inception which I have to say was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life and Joseph Gordon-Levit was a hottie on a stick haha by the time it was over it was midnight and we were exhausted it took us about an hour to get home because it was snowing and there were two cars who had slid and it was pouring down snow we got home and warmed up apple pie and took it to the bed and both passed out I don't even remember putting my plate down ok I woke up the next day and we picked up our boys at Nana and Papa's house and they were full of fun stories and so happy THEY HAD THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES!!! and since we had no food in our house and no drinks I decided to head to the store with the boys Cadon did NOT want to go but then had a big idea and we got to the store and he picked out pizza dough and guided me through the store and got what he needed to make his own pizza it was so cute and we headed home and made our own pizza the kids had a blast!!! I am posting pictures of our pizza making fun I do have to mention that the boys made gingerbread houses at Nana's and everyone knows how hard it actually is but my little one year old ended up eating the WHOLE THING and LOVED IT...I have such crazy boys so enjoy the pictures!!!!