Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving!!

So I have report our FIRST EVER Thanksgiving with my little family in our first home was a success the turkey came out perfect every thing was great even the dutch apple pie I can't tell you how happy this holiday makes me I think the best part of the holidays is sharing a nice dinner with the ones you love I had so much fun it was a blast Brandon woke up today excited like I had never seen him before and all because he was so happy to make his first turkey I was going to help but once he started to pull out stuff I ran to the bathroom and couldnt hold it in SO... I whimped out when I saw the poor nasty raw turkey but my hubby took care of that and I am so thankful for him after our tummy was stuffed we played Wii and after an hour or so of that has Apple Pie and Ice Cream the kids are asleep and today was a success enjoy the pics!!! our next big dinner will be on CHRISTMAS I CAN'T WAIT oh I also want to add I had a lot of fun hanging out with Aunt Lisa and getting our black friday on THANK LISA!!

And Here are some more pictures of the past few days just some random ones I want to post...ENJOY!

BAHAHA I CRACK MYSELF UP This is me in the Macrubber wig I was trying to crack my hubby up and decided to take this pic



Everything looks Yummy! makes me hungry lol. The boys look liked they enjoyed it too what a cute family :)