Monday, November 29, 2010


I have been the worst freebie searcher for a while now I have been struggling with all the stress that comes with being a mom and not having a dishwasher and just everything and every time I get on the computer I am not interested in checking emails or even working on my crafts I do have to say I am slowly getting back into the groove of things though every day my kids and I check the mail and we get so excited because even though it has been a month since I have signed up for anything MY MAIL BOX IS ALWAYS STUFFED WITH FREE STUFF and I usually get big stuff so it comes in boxes and I even got my hubby signing up for freebies because he loves how much stuff I get now but he is a little discouraged because he never gets anything like I do but having a blog has helped me out!!! My husband has been on the search for a maxim magazine and they are always advertising a free issue for men he has been trying for months and months to get it and I tried a month ago and finally I HIT THE JACKPOT today I received three baby talk magazines,One American Baby,Two Maxims,Two Redbook which I HAVE TO SAY IS THE BEST MAGAZINE EVER,One Seventeen Magazine with Taylor Swift a special issue and an All You magazine in the past few weeks I have got a few more but cant find them I love getting free stuff so here is a pic of some of the stuff I got today!!