Monday, October 18, 2010

Spa Night With The Wades!!

I KNOW THREE POSTS IN ONE DAY!! But I forgot to post pictures of my fun night out with the Wades and I had a blast. Lisa and Rheayn invited me to a spa night at the church and because I had only one car I was bummed I couldnt go but Aunt Lisa offered to pick us up and all I needed to do was to keep the car seats home and I jumped at the offer I love spending time with the Wades and I am so lucky to have them in my life they make me feel comfortable when I am around them they dont judge me and I ALWAYS have a great time with them I can be my loud crazy self =) anyways I wanted to say thank you girls for inviting me and because of you I had a great girls night out I met a ton of new people

Thank you Lisa for being so nice and holding Ryan the whole time and even though he is a handful he really had a blast too he really does love you ....both of them do Ryan is usually shy and he was holding on to you and holding your hand it was really sweet and put my mind at ease...I LOVE YA GIRLS



I'm glad you got to go and had fun! Lisa told me the date a long time ago and since I'm not on Facebook I didn't see her reminder and I totally forgot or I would have gone too!!


There is another event in December at the Botanical Garden in Boise its when they have the lights put up? I have never been but I really want to go I had a ball with the girls from church I cant wait for the next event you should come to the next one