Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Idaho City!!

This weekend we had ton of fun the Lurcooks invited us to go to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins like they do every year around the same time and we were so excited to go the kids love getting out of the house and they were excited about the hay ride!! when we got there Mom and Dad got a phone call from Cami who was in a lot of pain and needed to go to the ER so they left to take her and we stayed and just got our pumpkins and headed home right after.....but we were worried about Cami all night they pretty much know what she doesn't have but couldn't pin point what it WAS which is scary but we hope she feels better soon then after the pumpkin patch Spencer,Matt and Paiton came over to play a new game Brandon got and I had a paint station I made for the kids in the garage the kids painted monsters or "robots" and then we packed that up and the kids were really fussy for just a bit then we got them some frozen yogurt and while they munched on those titi Carissa (ME)!! got the baseball chairs set up in the computer room like a movie theater and made pop corn and got everyone drinks and blankets and Ryan,Cadon,Paiton and I just sat down and watched Sponge Bob it was so much fun and I got much needed snuggles from my niece!!

The next day was our trip to Idaho City and Brandon was so excited to take me and I was just as excited to have a little mini road trip with the boys and the Lurcooks! We headed up and put a movie on in the car for the boys and just enjoyed the ride up when we got to Idaho City it was very cute I love how the town looks the same as it did a long time ago I loves places like that just to walk around was so much fun then we headed to the ice cream shope and got some yummy ice cream and after that we headed home for a home cooked meal made by the one the only MOMMA LURCOOK!!!! I eat so much when she cooks....ITS SO GOOD!....then we headed out to the back yard for a bonfire with everyone the last one before winter so here are the picture of our eventful weekend and dont forgot to pray for my lil sis n law she isnt feeling good yet and they still dont know what is causing the pain she is in I don't like it when any of my family is sick or in pain so I hope she feels better soon

This is the dollar Papa put up for Paiton because she went to the potty for the first time like a big girl..when Cadon was being potty trained we put money up there for every time he went as well so I just had to take a pic of Pai Pais first dollar!!

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Derek and Lori

Great pictures Carissa. I love seeing the boys and how much they have grown. Looks like you are doing well. You sure are the "freebie" hunter, good for you! I don't have the patience to do that. Wish we were there to have some "Lurcook" fun with all of you.