Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New People and New Kicks!

Today we headed over to mom and dads house so I could follow them to the airport and be there when Brandon's Aunt Rhonda and Cousin Randi came in it is the first time the kids and I have ever met Randi and the second time I met Rhonda they were so sweet and the kids were shy at first but warmed up to them and by the end of the night were telling them stories and playing Peek~A~BOO!! and before we headed home the boys got cool new kicks(Shoes) That Uncle Joe designed and I believe they are Ed Hardy and the kids and I absolutely LOVE THEM and Cadon couldn't even wait to put them on but we didn't want them to get dirty before Brandon got to see them I didnt bring my camera today so I dont have any pictures of us but I did take pics of the shoes when I got home so I will post them up!


Joe, Riki, and Caydence

Yep they are Ed Hardy, and they were designed by Joe. They are samples that ended not going to production, so they are 2 of a kind ;) I'm glad you like them :)


We don't like them WE LOVE THEM!!! And the kids can't wait to wear them out but I think it's too cool they dont have shoe laces that makes it so much easier and we love anything one of a kind! we plan on keeping the shoes nice and CLEAN!!

Joe, Riki, and Caydence

I'm glad to hear it. Don't worry to much about keeping them clean, we want the boys to have fun in them too;)