Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Trip To Salt Lake City

Alright so it has been a very long weekend for us in the Lurcook Family...we headed up to Salt Lake City Utah to watch a friend of ours fight. He is a MMA fighter and we wanted to support him and go to the match. We packed up and headed out I ended up selling a ton of new baby furniture so I could buy the boys a nice dvd system for the drive up and without that we would have had a long trip with tons of screaming but instead the kids stayed quiet the ENTIRE TIME they watched movies and slept they didnt ask to stop ever and the trip there went amazingly. The first thing we did when we got there was hit the pool up I think we took the kids at least 6 times and we were only there two nights. We went to dinner with Cody and his wife at Texas RoadHouse where we ate so much I loved spending time with them and I can't say enough great things about Cody he is an amazing man who cares about our family he has a heart of gold and I am so glad my husband has friends like that in his life so making the trip up there and anywhere would be worth it for us. The night of the fight everyone went out to In And Out a fast food place I have heard about from everyone and I was so glad to try it out!! we went around 11:30 at night and there was the biggest line I have ever seen the place was packed but I had an amazing time then we took off to get home before 6am today I do have to say I am very proud of myself I drove the way back home and I did GREAT I am just exhausted from getting only 3 hours of sleep but before I end my blog update I have to say I went to IKEA for the first time in my life and am so so so in love with that store it was HUGE and the stuff was so cheap I wish they had one closer and if he had lived closer to one I would had done some damage hahaha but that's our trip



that looks like it was fun and a nice hotel room too! :) I've always wanted to go to the Ikea store yes they do need one closer (both our ways) haha