Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well Yesterday was an amazing day I woke up early like always and headed to the grocery store to finish off all our shopping the kids behaved very well then they helped me put it away I got them some food before our fun Bounce trip and then we headed to Meridian to Bounce when we got there I think about four kids were there and NO ONE ELSE but it was very fun the kids played for hours and Cadon and Ryan made a good friend they played FOREVER Ryan even went up the huge slide all by himself like 16 times and Cadon even played with Ryan which was a big shock for everyone because they don't like to play together but Cadon would go up the big slide then wait for his brother and hold his hand at the top then sit him beside him and hold hands going down together I loved watching them get along and after that they were pooped I headed to one more store then headed home they took naps and then we headed outside to enjoy the day the kids took the escalade around for a spin and Brandon and I played two square and then some sort of game where you kick the ball at each other and try to not get hit if you get hit they get the point hahaha I have a lot of fun with my hubby/best friend then we headed to the gym which is my whole little family's FAV. thing to do now I just love working out and having my whole family there and after that we zoomed back home and ate some YUMMY CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP with fresh cheese sprinkled on top, Tortilla chips,sour cream and avocados so yesterday was an amazing day I do have a really funny story about yesterday but I will post it above but enjoy the pictures!!

There was this very cute baby under my table just playing I had to take a picture this is all she wanted to play with at BOUNCE!!! tooo cute