Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Poor Poor Baby

Last night Brandon and I did some research on what we needed to bring the day we have to go in to register Cadon for school!! What I quickly realized was since the doctor told me he needed immunizations at five I have not got them done yet but in order to get him registered for school he NEEDS them done before so this morning I woke up made him an appointment and it just so happens that Cadon has been sicky and just got worse last night so I took him in and he ended getting FIVE shots and we talked about his wheezing checked his lungs and every who knows Cadon knows he has this cough at night time it gets so bad every night and he throws up sometimes it is so bad and he has horrible allergies and Excema the doctor was very very very concerned it was something very bad because it was only at night and he does not eat well EVER so there a lot of things to factor in but today she checked his lungs and everything and now he ended up coming home with an inhaler a really big inhaler apparatus and some more stuff to help him breathe because his tubes are constricting so much he can't really breathe =( but I do have to say he cried so so so so much when he got his shots but he was such a sweet heart and took his first dose with the inhaler very well and I am very proud of him he has to go back in four days and if this doesnt help him we will be going to to talk about what will happen next but I wasn't told much about what will happen because we want to be hopeful that it isnt bad and not to stress out so fingers crossed