Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kind Of a Weird Story

Today was going great I woke up with the kids and the hubby was just coming home from the gym he made us some yummy waffles and we all sat together and had a big family breakfast I love when my hubby cooks and after that I decided I would make him a big lunch and I made my second lasagna EVER and some garlic bread which came out amazing we ate then watched a cake baking show I decided to check my email and when I got up from the computer I COULD NOT SEE through my right eye and I ran to the bathroom checked it out and started to freak out I told Brandon my EYE WAS BLEEDING and he replied as if I was overreacting or just flat out telling a lie and said "YOUR EYE IS NOT BLEEDING CARISSA" came over and by that time I had started to cry he got some toilet paper and ran over to me and said "Woah that was so cool your crying blood!" and then continued to wipe the blood from my eye but didn't even ask if I was ok that little stinker but I am OK if anyone is wondering and I guess when I was playing with Ryan on the couch he scratched my face and cut my eye...I thought this was a weird but cool story to tell hope you enjoyed reading it!