Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Two

I have not slept in two days and I can't do this any more I am in so much pain I dont know what to do I have tried my heating pad tons of baths I cant relax my boys never stop going and its 5am and another night where I am shaking in so much pain I hate living like this I hate having Fibro. I am ready to go to the hospital just so I can get some sleep I have not got more then just an hour of sleep in weeks and no naps I am miserable and I just want to scream I am afraid everyday now that I might pass out while driving or faint when I am home alone with the kids I get so dizzy any one have any advice on how to get some sleep?



that is crazy Carissa. I really wish I could make it go away but your are doing an awesome job juggling life with 2 boys and holding down a house and a husband along with having the Fibro, not many people out there can handle that type of pain and go on with their everyday lives and taking care of a family! stay strong and for the sleep deprivation.... i just take a long hot bath or shower and try to rest the best you can! <3


Thanks you are very sweet and it is nice when people notice how hard I work just to take care of my kids/home/hubby I am not even supposed to be lifting ANYTHING I am supposed to take every day as it comes I never have energy and struggle to get up and pick things up my friggen back goes out it's crazy I rely on my heating pad to help me and I take lots of hot showers and baths but still not helping I cant wait to see my little princess the most beautiful girl in the world KYLINAAAAAA!! I will put pain aside and spoil that baby with loves