Sunday, January 16, 2011

I made it!!

I made it I have to mention I can't sleep and am in so much pain so I am blogging but I made it to 8:30am and I have not crashed yet I am trying to call my doctor and make an appointment for today as soon as possible so I am not driving exhausted with being awake 48 hours people always tell me its alright to ask for help but how do you ask someone...I have not slept in two days and I am afraid I will pass out while my kids are up or crash while driving? it scares me now and I dont want to ever seem like a bad mom but I dont know why this happened to me why do I have to live with this pain it is beyond anything I have ever known I hide it best I can but not even my husband understands when I tell him I am in pain every day what I feel I am trapped and no one can help me I am terrified of medication am very sensitive and most make me sick or I am allergic to there is nothing ever going to help and it scares me I want to play with my kids be happy have energy but I have no energy I cry myself to sleep because of the pain I wish this would all go away doctors are amazed that I have had so many problems I have non ossifying fibroma in my knees yes BOTH and it is better now but when it comes back I cant even bend my legs to save my life and I have Fibro. and tons of scar tissue that I have been told will give me more problems when I get older I want to be healthy and take a pill when I have a headache I am just venting now but I cant describe how scary it is thinking of the pain I am in now and what I will be in a couple of years


Joe, Riki, and Caydence

My Mother in law and aunt have Fibro. I have done a lot of research on it and and the same things always come up. Exercise and diet are key to feeling better. Strengthening your muscles is a huge benefit to combating the pain. Just a thought from someone who doesn't suffer from this constant pain.


Thank you I am getting back into my workout routine and it is very true I have lost 50 lbs but havent lost any more just staying at the same weight now I need to get back to a healthy weight and it is true when I workout and stay fit I feel like I can manage the pain more