Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Case Of The Sickies

The kids have been sick for about a week now first it started with lack of sleep Ryan has been moody for a while now but then I noticed he grew a tooth I had never seen before a molar which was the cause for all his sleepless night and moodiness but then Cadon started to complain his stomach hurt and Ryan stopped eating for days all of a sudden it hit us and the kids got the flu they have been miserable and the two days ago I caught it too and if they are feeling half of the pain I am in I don't know how they do it I went to the doctor who said there is something going around and since I am allergic to meds he said not to take any cold meds because my body just can't handle it...BOO that is why I have not been blogging there is so much to write about but I still don't feel like being on to long B had a 9 day vacation and while very boring at times all we did was walk around stores and rent tons and tons of movies and work out hahaha not much fun...for anyone who doesn't know my birthday is coming up on the third and I got married on my birthday which I don't recommend but hey hubby gets to kill two birds with one stone haha so it will be our FIVE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and my birthday I can't believe it has been so long every year we go to a fondue place and have dinner but this year my husband has told me to "Go out go shopping get what ever I need spoil myself and don't worry about the rest!" and so he has taken me out twice to go shopping and I found the perfect dress it is one shoulder a plum color and has a black stripe around the midsection I love it and Brandon even found some fancy new slacks and is getting so excited about our big day he is not a romantic person by nature nor is he a fan of PDA or holding hands but one thing I know that is when it comes to me he would do anything to make me happy and I would do the same for him whatever he has planned I know it will be wonderful I will be posting pictures of our fancy night out once it comes!!!! thats it for now