Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Dentist Visit For Cadon!!

Today was our big dentist visit we actually got all of us to be seen at the same time but Ryan was running an extreamly high fever and we decided not have him seen today but it went so well I planned on taking Ryan to the doctors after the apointments and I brought my Ipad for Cadon to play with....the dentist wanted to take xrays of Cadons teeth but he said "Well that did not go so well he is just like my son" and I ask how that was he said " well he is a gagger!" HAHAHAHAHAH I almost peed myself laughing because I gagged when they did mine as well and the lady was sooooooOOoO mad here are a few pics I snapped with my Ipad of Cadon getting his teeth cleaned

Here is a funny Cadon story.........Cadon told all the dentists he was a Ice Dragon and he froze most of them and in order to make him comfortable they told him they wanted to count his dragon teeth and check for sugar bugs which they found a tiny one and will be fixing next visit he did so well and was great at sitting still I am so proud



so cool! i'm glad he is such a good boy for the dentist a lot of kids are scared or hate dentists! I know I still am haha


Heh, that's very adorable of him. Things like that can really help kids feel more comfortable when they're in the dental office. With that, their teeth are taken care of and they won't feel tense when their teeth are being cleaned.

-Sterling Delorme