Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bad Blogger

I have a ton of pics to upload and have been a horrible blogger but I am so excited Brandon and I will be taking our first vacation as a couple NO KIDS soon I never thought this day would come but I am beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids will be staying with Brandons parents and they are so so so so excited about it I will be taking tons of pics to share with everyone once we go and the whole point of going on this trip which I can not forget to mention is one of Brandon's best friends is a UFC or MMA fighter one or both I am not an expert but I missed his last fight and after his big win I wanted to be there to support him and his big fight he is an amazing guy and I am excited to go to my first fight I had a ton of fun last trip he made sure he made our family feel so important we went to dinner with his wife and I can't wait to make some more memories! other then that I will have to make another blog post on all the kid updates but Mothers Day came and went really fast I was spoiled to death the hubby got me a nice purse from nine west and the hubby cakes and kiddos got me a 2 hour spa day I am so lucky to have what I have in life I have a wonderful husband who treats we like a queen I have two kids who drive me crazy yet I would crumble without them and they are my world without them I could not go on my boys(Brandon,Cadon,Ryan) give me strength on the days I could just fall to my knees in pain which latley has been most days to keep going and be the best mom/wife/friend/daughter/sister I could ever be they make me smile when I feel like life is getting me down they fill my heart with happiness and love I thank god for everyone I have in my life and family is the most important thing to me so I hope everyone had an amazing mothers day and spent it with the ones they love because I know I did and I promise I will be a better blogger.......