Sunday, March 27, 2011


I aspire to do many things I read blogs all the time about crafts and DIY things my favorite are the fugalistas and it has me thinking maybe I can turn my blog into something like that and have it sponsored and get more readers right now it is to show my friends and family what we are up to and to log all the fun things we do but I have been getting more and more emails and letters about my blog from companies I have been sending them the link and actually have been getting tons of exclusive freebies because I let them know I "MOMMY BLOG" so now I have decide where I want this to go and I am tired of watching what I write because of what people "think" it means and what they turn it into I am done being someone else and want to be myself I am a loud,outspoken and very opinionated person I am very caring and family means the world to me but I try to please everyone but myself watch what I say and keep my feelings inside but NOT ANY MORE I want this blog to be about me 100% I am an adult and I sometimes let a bad word slip out I am a very random person and random as in I have an amazing imagination and when I have a thought it comes out which I love about myself and this blog from here on out will be about myself my feelings and my family and no more holding back and I am proud of myself and the person I am so take it or leave it