Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh what a day

Today I woke up like I usually do to my kids and husband struggling to wake me up so we could head to the soon as I got back from VA I was determined to hit the gym as many times as I could and the other day I did 140 sit ups!! my abs still hurt but I have to say going to the gym in the morning not also gives me a burst of energy but my husband loves having the company even though we usually split up we always do our abs together haha after that it was still really really early so we made breakfast we had a feast and then we rented a nice movie and we all watched it together after that the hubby and I did some car searching you gotta be prepared when your buying a car!!!!!! today has been wonderful I had such a great day with my little family I can't wait till tomorrow I hear we might have a pretty day coming up I am ready for it summer can't come any quicker


Joe, Riki, and Caydence

Glad to hear you have had a good 2 days. As gym rats, we love to get up and go to the gym in the morning. It starts your day out right, and you feel good that you accomplished your goal of getting a workout in. If you need encouragement for the gym, I'm your gal, so give me a holler ;) super proud of you.


Thank you very much! I think it might me addicting too when I am in the most pain which is when I wake up if I go to the gym I find my body has natural pain killers and when I push myself hard enough the pain goes away and I will keep that in mind what do you do when you work out? I need Ideas my trainers routine got old and mine is just not enough anymore

Joe, Riki, and Caydence

I work out Monday - Friday and I always do 45 min-1hour of cardio Bike, Run, Stair climber, or eliptical and I do 2 of those and switch up my time like 30 min on 1 & 30 on another. Then I split up my weight routine in the 5 days like back & biceps one day and legs the next until I get all my major muscle groups done. I do like classes too, they come in handy when you have zero motivation. Email me if you want a routine I would be happy to write one up for you :)