Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Vacation

As most of you know we were on vacation for a while we had so so so many ups and downs and made so so so many memories. The day of our trip to good ol VA was very rough we were ready and feeling good but that morning I felt like my stomach was not right at first I thought it was just me being nervous or anxious but then Cadon and Ryan started to complain about not feeling well next thing you know its about time to go and Ryan is throwing up everywhere as soon as we got there we plagued the house with our stomach bug it took weeks to get back to normal and everyone got it I mean everyone and there family after that we had a rough time we had three deaths and it seemed like we couldn't catch a break my mother was so busy making funeral plans our vacation took a halt and we still had not had time to spend much family time all together but the funeral seemed to bring us closer and in the end it made us come together and I will never forget the strength my parents showed me while going through devastation I am so glad to have the parents I have they are the best most caring people alive they treat everyone like family and would go out of their way to help a stranger and anyone they know they don't judge people and they make everyone feel comfortable enough to be themselves all the time I love them so much and am so lucky to have them! The week following this we headed to The Great Wolf Lodge and stayed a night because of my amazing thinking I was able to get Krystal,Jacob and Kylina to come along for free if not it would had been 49 dollars a person to just enter anyway we spent all day at the water park and the kids were so excited all day they told me "thank you!" and "I am so happy right now" my heart melted after a long day of swimming we went out for dinner then headed back to get showers and hit the giant Arcade before it closed and it seemed like it was the place to be every person at the hotel at that time of night was walking around the arcade in PJ's it was a very funny sight to see so we joined them and played for hours we had to leave after we realized we had put a good dent in our pockets just playing games and the kids were getting restless we headed to the room and watched a movie the boys took till 1am to fall asleep and Kylina stayed up till 6am NO KIDDING but we were told we were allowed to bring alcohol to the lobby and they had a huge fireplace set up with games for anyone and Krystal and I enjoyed a nice bottle of wine I will never forget that place and I recommend it for anyone planning a trip with kids it is tailored to families with small kids and has so much to offer other then it being 600 a night it is SO WORTH IT !!!!!!!!! After our fun weekend the weather got up to the 90's and Krystal and Jacob took me and the kids out to the beach I have to say I miss the beach so much and I can't wait to go visit again just to walk the oceanfront again we had so much fun in VA and only about a week we spent out with the family due to being sick and unforeseen things happening and the worst thing that happened was Cadon being rushed to the hospital he had been poisoned because he was sick and woke up at night thinking the liquid scent was a drink and was to afraid to tell me till I found it where it was not supposed to be I called poison control and zoom off we went we got there and they treated us great Cadon was so dehydrated he looked like a ghost and the doctors were so worried it took a ton of digging to find a vein which I had to watch happen and then they had to do a bunch of procedures to him that I do not wish to ever talk about or see done on my kids ever again but by the end of that horrible day he was able to go home and I thank god for that...and that is it for my post we had a blast met so many new people and I am so lucky to have the family I have they are my world and I love each and everyone of them