Wednesday, April 4, 2012

VA Trip 2012

This trip started with a fractured wrist last min and the stress of traveling alone with two children. My kids did so well traveling they didnt scream or cry or even ask mommy to stop for a break it was so sweet they were just worried about my wrist and with the 7 hour delay in Salt Lake I needed the extra calmness!!! I got to VA around midnight and the next day Krystal,Kylina,Lillian,Cadon,Ryan and I headed to Norfolk to ride the tram all the way to Macarthur Mall. It was such a fun trip the kids loved it and the women got to shop while there and by the end all the kids were fast asleep! I will upload more pics as soon as I can but it seems time flies when your having fun.


Joe, Riki, and Caydence

Look at you all blonde and bombshell ;) Have a fun trip!!

Krystal Marie

I'm having SO much fun with you guys and it fills my heart up when the cousins can be together and play... I wish your trip wouldn't end we love having you guys here<3 Idaho visit for us one day soon...not to mention Kylina talks about you, Uncle B, Cadon and Ryan everyday and tells me we have to go to see you every morning ;)

Tim and Lisa

Looks and sounds like FUN!!