Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My nephew is going to be ONE in May and I am known for my handmade gifts but I don't want to be the crazy family member who gives them a sweater they knitted I want the gifts to be something modern and chic and that will be used again and again. So that brings me to my tutorial I found a pair of black canvas shoes *LOOKS JUST LIKE VANS* then I went home and thought what should I do to make them POP so I remembered his first birthday theme is Nautical so why not do a simple anchor just like the Vans shoes I had seen online? *pictured above* but for a fraction of the cost! This project cost me only FIVE DOLLARS TO MAKE pretty thrifty huh? 

You will need:
Pencil or Printer
Heat n Bond *no sew*
Canvas shoes 

Step 1.Now here is the fun part all you do is go to your computer and find a stencil or picture you like and size to fit your shoes or if your like me and actually have good drawing skills just sketch away.

Step 2. Get your fabric and cut a piece big enough for two anchors (in my case) then cut a piece of Heat n Bond a tiny bit smaller then your fabric piece and iron just like the directions on the package state.
Step 3. Just cut out your shapes and iron them on! The possibilities are endless and this is just a really great gift for babies,toddlers,teens and even adults!

Helpful Hints:
Stick with a very basic design unless you are a expert at cutting fabric ;)

When your done with the shoes seal them with a shoe sealer (water repellent) so they not only stay clean and repel water but last longer.

Another amazing hint is to check out Kmart they have the basic canvas shoes for about 9 dollars and is usually buy one get one and they have red,green,blue and plaid for boys and even have them for women!! 
Walmart is where I got mine but there is a limited stock right now but are only 5 dollars!

Be sure to leave a comment and links to anyone who makes these shoes or blogs about this post!!!!