Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have been a VERY bad blogger and most of it is due to the fact my kids have been sick for the past month and before that I had strep so I have pretty much been stuck inside cleaning like a maniac and praying we are all going to be healthy one day. Last night my oldest got sick with the flu and is now in diapers again it is SO weird but I really hope no one else gets it I have been cleaning EVERYTHING and today I decided to get out of the house for just a moment and finally get my hair cut. I usually cut it short for winter and then go dark so here is step one in my transformation!! I cut it the shortest yet!
Don't mind the lack of makeup and bags under my eyes I was asleep for 2 hours before I had to give my sick boy a bath and help him get back to sleep which was very hard but hey I LOVE MY KIDS WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL and when I get nice and old I will help them remember the time when mommy cared for him when he was sick and put diapers on him hahaha and see if they will do the same ;) jk. Thats all for now I will do some craft one day when I get the time but for now I am enjoying my little family!


Krystal Marie

awe you look so pretty! I wouldn't know that you were under all the stress and sleepless nights ;) ...just want to let you know you are a beautiful and strong woman and an amazing Mom! love you !


Your so sweet and I think the same of you I just wish you lived closer I have been here forever and all we ever do is sit in the house and walk around walmart we don't EVER have plans or anyone to hang out with it is so depressing and hopefully someday we will move back to VA....Thanks for being my best friend K your the best and it is so nice to know that no matter how crazy life gets I can always count on you!