Monday, December 19, 2011

I am very thankful

For those very close to us know all our deepest darkest struggles and triumph and for that WE are very thankful. I have been far from family and friends for three years and since family is so important to me i struggle through the holidays being away from my parents and brothers and sisters oh and niece....but my husbands parents are two people we are truly thankful to have in our lives they would drop anything to help they offer the most unjudgemental advice and treat our babies like little kings haha it makes us very very happy our kids have you guys as their grandparents .And my parents back home are such kind generous people alive they are such amazing parents/grandparents and have been there for us through all of our ups and downs I just want to say thanks to everyone who are in our lives who never try and change us and treat us with respect and offer help wether needed or not you guys are amazing and we very much appreciate every thing you do/are and that's it for this post be thankful for the people you have. In your life We are thankful for my in laws my parents my sisters and brothers Love each other and be grateful for what you have



We love you guys and would do anything for you. I am thankful every day that you live close by. We were many years without Brandon and missed every important event in his adult life!! We missed both boys births and are loving being able to see them so much now. They are my world!!