Sunday, November 6, 2011

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well I HATE WINTER but you can't control the weather so I am slowly getting into the Christmas Spirit. I have been seeing a ton of DIY Christmas Decor on Pintrest and one I really liked was the Yarn Christmas Tree so I decided to do it myself and once again IT IS WITH THINGS I HAVE AROUND MY HOUSE and may take more time to complete then all the others shown online but mine costs nothing to make ;) Everyone is using styrofoam cones sold at craft stores but they cost SO MUCH and I was not willing to pay 3 dollars for a cone. I am not cheap I am frugal and would rather feed my children with money saved.I ran around my house thinking what I could use and then I saw a file folder I had never used and all I did was shape it into a tree shape and cut the bottom so it would stand then I taped it to stay that shape. I glued a piece of the yarn at the bottom of the tree and realized people use the Styrofoam because the yarn sticks to it but I was not going to give up so I hot glued the bottom rim of the tree and then just put fabric glue all around the tree so the yarn would stick. I LOVE how it came out and I can not wait to start decorating for the holidays!


Krystal Marie

I think this is brilliant and something I can do for FREE! thank you :) for this Idea totally going to do it