Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eternity Leaf Necklace

I have not posted any fun crafts in a while because I am a mommy first and a blogger second. I am very very very excited to share this tutorial with all of my readers who ever that might be ;) I was looking on Pintrest and there was this necklace that I thought was SO SIMPLE yet ELEGANT and BEAUTIFUL!!! It was called the Eternity Leaf Necklace and it was sold on Esty but I guess it is no longer for sale so I used my oh so creative noggin and made it MYSELF and with things I already had. This is the necklace I was inspired by:
AND THIS IS WHAT I MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for the tutorial that will blow your mind... Materials needed: 1.A Notebook 2.Wire Cutters 3. Round Nose Pliers 4.Computer Paper and Pen I did not have wire thick enough for the necklace so I went to my craft closet and BAM there it was a notebook and the rings were perfect so all I did was twist the wire out. After I took it out I used a piece of paper and just by looking drew the design so I could sit on my craft table (dinning table) and go to work. I used the round nose pliers to bend the wire and used the end of the wire cutters to make the perfect loops then used my round nose pliers to fix it into the shape I wanted. And that's all you need is a little inspiration and creativity and you have yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry!