Sunday, September 18, 2011

Working with wood

Today I wanted to get another craft done and had a ton of ideas just had a tight 0 dollar budget so when I remembered I had this old wood from a bed we threw out a while back I had shoved in a closet I ran upstairs to grab it. I plan on making an DIY Barn Door with it and painting it white I also found a recipe to make the crackle effect on the wood with elmers glue!! And since there is so much wood I will also be making a shelf the funny thing is I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE THIS STUFF and I usually never know how to do anything I come up with but it always works out....when I have an idea I get it done. I am also going to make a coat rack for Cadons room!! I am so excited about this because I found hooks from this tool set we got five years ago and I had a huge cabinet
door and a big monogram L and I can just imagine how beautiful it will be when I am finished! I will keep you posted on my new projects for now here are some pics of the stuff I was just talking about.The coat rack is really big I do not think this picture shows how big it is. This pic below is the finished result of the His and Hers Key Holder I made it came out beautiful and the glossy top coat made it so shinny!!