Friday, September 30, 2011


Today I had my mother in law come over to see what I do for fun! She made three fun projects with me and I really enjoyed the company since I am going on two years with knowing NOBODY in Idaho and the only thing that keeps me sane is my little family and my constant creative ideas because when I start a project I have to finish and when I do I feel so much better =) I love having my children help me and it makes me happy to see their faces light up when mommy completes something they think is "SO COOL" ok ok back to the projects First my MIL and I worked on a little project that for now lets just say is top secret and I cant post on that but I will be very very soon! And then we took some mason jars and decided to put some cute stickers on then spray them with frosted glass spray paint! we did a few coats and then I peeled my stickers off and it looked AMAZING my MIL Carol thought it looked just as good keeping the stickers on and we headed in and tied some ribbon around the top and VOILA a super CUTE candle holder and when lit it looks so beautiful.
This is my mother in laws
This is mine I tried to get a good picture of it lit up but since it was very early this is the best I could get and I wrapped it in a teal ribbon
Then our next project TWO dollar store pumpkins spray painted white which took SO much paint but I am very happy with how it came out!
And after we painted pumpkins it was time for my MIL to go home and finish the day so I did not get to see how she finished her pumpkin but she is very creative and I know it will be beautiful but I decided to wrap it in ribbon and it looks ADORABLE And that is it for this post I have a lot more projects I actually finished yesterday but will wait till tomorrow night to show everyone. I HOPE YOU LIKED THE PROJECTS and if you need any help on making them I am your girl just email me at I also have to mention everything used to make this stuff was from the dollar store from the ribbon to the mason jars =)



I love the Mason Jar idea! I've never heard of the glass spray paint where did you find that at? Let me know :) love you