Friday, September 9, 2011

My New Project

I had some serious blues last winter and completely STOPPED doing crafts and since Cadon started school I decided it would be like our new year and I was going to kick some butt in getting my life moving forward. Here is what I wanted to accomplish.. 1.Get my kids on a schedule I don't want to waste the day and stay up all night fighting them to sleep 2.Get organized and clean out ever single closet in my house 3.Take at least an hour or two every other day to just sit and STUDY for school 4.Get an education~NOT for anyone else but for myself it is time I put some faith in myself and prove it to myself I can do it 5.Craft again 6.Volunteer as much time as I possibly can at Cadons school 7.Give back to people who really need it and even though we have no money to spare ever I can give my time and use my craftiness to make money and donate it I have done everything except number four and I am working on that one right now! And what brings me to my blog post is my craftiness...I decided I wanted to hand paint a art/homework table for my kids and that is what I started yesterday I have to say it came out amazing! The chalkboard part looks amazing and then I decided I really wanted it to have something special about it and since I can pretty much draw anything as long as i can see a picture I had a crazy brilliant Idea and used a SHARPIE to draw skulls and Pirate Ships on it!! yes I used a sharpie and so far it has come out amazing here are some pics for you guys to enjoy!



Carissa that looks so cool! I wish I could have a crafting buddy..lmao we should make something with the web cam on and pretend like im there