Monday, September 20, 2010

My best work YET!

I have decided I WILL NOT SELL MY HOME DECOR and the blocks I make I love doing this for myself and its my hobby I do it and it makes me so happy to see the end product even though its not perfect and I paint everything myself just want to show my family what I make so here are some more pics ENJOY!!

Ok so the first one was pretty easy and I am not going to explain it because my family is pretty crafty and I know they already know how to do it!! I do have to admit I am not a fan of mod podge and I use Elmers school glue and nothing special...The second picture is a really cute pumpkin I made with a empty toilet paper roll and I used tissue paper to make the shape covered it with fabric then went outside and found twigs and a stick I supper glues them together and then painted it black stuck it in the hole and VOILA a pumpkin!! I am now going to skip to the end and I make the clear glass family sign last night and I was so happy how it turned out I used the glass from another frame I had and used rub on transfer and did that but the problem with this was it was slanted and I had to peel it off and re do it a billion times after I got it straight I put a matted outline around the picture frame so you couldn't see the little brads holding it together in the back of the frame and TAAADAA thats IT!!


Ashley Locke

Cute pumpkin, did you get the idea from Target? I saw a bunch of those in their dollar section!


I tried to comment you back a while back but it never let me and I got the pumpkin Idea from the creative crate website they used toilet paper and a toilet paper roll and thats what I did but I wish I would had seen the pumpkins at target one buck now thats a steal