Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Fun Day!!

GET READY FOR A PICTURE OVERLOAD!! Today was one of the best days of the summer by far I had an early day and headed to the Zoo with the family and fed the giraffes it was so much fun then we walked around Art in the Park and had some yummy food after that we headed home so the hubby could get some rest before work and that was it for him today but the kids and I did crafts and then I made some yummy dinner and the kids and I ate together its my favorite I love sitting just me and the boys eating and they even talk to me and to each other its so cute after that the boys helped me clean and we got tons of stuff done so we could run out and play outside while it was still nice out so we rushed out and they drove around the block what three times in the car and I ran after then the neighbor and his son opened the garage and that was it the kids played for three hours they even all packed into the Escalade and put it on the high speed and went around the block together jamming out to music when we got back we played with rockets then my neighbor got out the basketball and the boys had a little game and I sat and took pictures there are also pictures from my little man coloring he loves to color now and he IS LEFT HANDDED you will notice in the pics there are also pictures of Ryan talking to my mom NANI he love love loves talking to her and for those who know him he doesnt talk but he literally will talk to her and my dad for at least ten min. and I am not kidding he also says Nana LUB YOU!! its so sweet he misses her so much but thats all for our very FUN DAY ENJOY THE PICS



That was a very fun day for sure!! And I can cross something off my bucket list! Giraffes are my favorite and that was a dream come true for me!!! YAY little Ry Ry - can't have enough of us "lefties" in the family!!