Friday, December 14, 2012

My Attempt at Christmas Pictures

This December has been really uneventful in the fact that I feel like putting up the tree is the only festive thing we have done and it hasn't even snowed. I was looking for pictures to put on Christmas cards last month and noticed that I have absolutely NONE of my children alone or together so I had NOTHING. I was so mad I didn't even get their birthday pictures or have a single nice picture of them so I decided to try and give a shot myself. I used the PVC Pipe I used from another project and put together a 4x4 background then put a white sheet over and cut up the cardboard tube from wrapping paper and made this Merry Christmas banner and that was it. I think my pictures came out horrible because the quality sucks and it you look closely they are blurry in parts OH OH OH and I got to the point I almost cried because I couldn't figure out what freaking angle looked alright *who knew finding an angle to take a pic was so hard*  I also have NO pictures of my husband and I alone and the one I have in my house is from 6 years ago so this Christmas I am hoping one of my photographer friends will gift me the gift of a real photo shoot so I can get some really romantic ones of my husband and I because our 7 year wedding anniversary/MY BIRTHDAY is in just 51 days and I would like to send out pictures of Brandon and I to send to friends and family.

Ryan was so sweet he let me comb his hair which is something he HATES done and did the poses by himself.

Cadon was not into it at first as you can see by the fake smile but he got into it.

I don't know why but I snapped this on accident and I really like it.

My Christmas angels.

Look at him he should have a modeling gig 

I love love love this picture but this was my worst screw up of the tiny session I had...I wanted to  get a good picture of his green eyes with all that red around him and his left eye is blurry so if I blew it up it would show.


Krystal Marie

I think these pics came out abesolutly beautiful! You are so creative and did a great job the boys are so cute!