Monday, December 17, 2012

Late Night Photo Fun

This past few weeks have been rough in the Lurcook household Cadon got really really sick then he very kindly passed it on to me and then Ryan. Ryan has been running a very very high fever and since he refuses to take Tylenol or any type of medication he will have to just wait it out. This means NO SLEEP for either of us but since I am feeling still a little crummy I really enjoy the long naps during the day with him. It is 10 pm right now and Ryan came downstairs from his bed wide awake feeling horrible and saw this picture of a boy with Hot Wheels around him and Ryan asked me if I would take his picture just like that so I quickly got a sheet and gathered cars with my little helper then set it up and snapped just two photos of my love bug before he couldn't breathe laying down that way. I want to share them with you but just know that they were taken with my crap camera with no light and a sick child so I will be attempting this photo again on another day so I can get better quality. Oh and on a side note if anyone would like to get me a "REAL" camera with switchable lenses and not just the plain digital camera I have it would make my Christmas dreams come true!