Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two Week Catch Up

I called my sister a few weeks ago complaining about how my only pants are to big or have huge holes in the crotch area and how I have no winter shirts so she went shopping and got me these beautiful clothes! I am so lucky to have a sister so thoughtful and caring to help a big sister out like this is amazing.

This is The kids attacking Titi Cami at Paiton's Birthday 

This Sunday we spent the ENTIRE day with a friend of ours and their little ones. 

My little lefty painting a train

Took a walk with my little man and they always have to get a picture on the rock.


The kids were matching head to toe and it was so stinking cute!

Some may be freaked out to see this in the morning but Cadon was playing cops and robbers and well he was the robber and really got into character.

Brandon went on a hunting trip this weekend.

The boys campsite 

Cadon's 1st grade picture

My sister also sent me some nice shoes.

For Paiton's Birthday this year I bought her a peacock clip and myself a matching one to wear.

The boys picked out new shoes since their only pair had huge holes in them.

The boys taking shots at a friend of ours birthday party....there are usually about 20 of us who always get together and are really close so when we hang out with everyone we always have a blast.

We did parent teacher conferences and I found this artwork from my baby on the wall outside his classroom and I seriously almost cried it made me so happy.

We headed to Cadon's school to do Trek on Tuesday to support our school but Cadon was very very sick so we had to take him home.

Mona Ryan

My sister also sent a Vera Bradley makeup bag with goodies and a Coach clutch 

Cami and Max hanging out at Paitons party.

New jewelry 

Ryan and Daddy having a chat at Target.

And that is it for now.