Sunday, November 4, 2012

Photo Fun

Yesterday was a beautiful day we spent most of the day inside relaxing then the boys and I headed out to the craft show my mother in law does every year. As soon as we got there the kids were cranky and had skipped a nap so we didn't stay long. Nana greeted the boys with toys she got Cadon a bunny because he loves his stuffed animals and Ryan got a toy car and helicopter. After we headed home the kids took their toys to the neighbors houses and showed them! They came home after they were told that their friends couldn't go out to play so the boys had mommy make 10 bean bags so we could play a fun game outside. Here are the fun pictures from yesterday....

Ryan being silly with the mirror effect on the ipad.

My boys 

So sweet

My new hat that I am in LOVE with!! I never wear hats but this one is so stinking cute I think I might start wearing hats more often.

A Cadon kaleidoscopic 


A Ryan Kaleidoscope 

Yesterday Ryan got this hand carved whale and he absolutely LOVES it. He took this picture with my phone yesterday and it came out great so I thought I would share it. His name is Whaley!

Ryan invited me to go on a walk with just him and Whaley.

Cadon playing our bean bag toss you can tell he is amazing at it and pretty much beat everyone. 

Ryan kept throwing with his right hand for some reason and did really well. 

And Cadon got this really cool wooden gun. He asked me to take a picture of him holding it for his Papa to see.