Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well another year has passed and as we celebrated my birthday we also celebrated another year married to my best friend. This year was our 7th wedding anniversary and it seems like just yesterday we were teenagers who fell hard fast and well the rest is history. I would like to thank the Riggs for getting up that amazing Movie & Dinner Gift Card if it weren't for you I don't think we would of had the wonderful night we had. I would also like to thank my MIL and FIL for the gift card we got for our anniversary..we can't wait to have another date night to use it! Also thanks for shopping money you really know me. My mothers box just came in today and it brought me to tears because everyone sent birthday cards and my mother outdid every birthday gift she has ever gotten me. Not many know this but my father has served our country for 29 years and has been into battle in the Marine Corp and now in the Coast Guard he has won literally about 100 awards from leadership to saving countless lives and making a difference. I am my fathers biggest fan and I know how it feels to have your father gone 9 months a year while you wonder if they are OK  This year my father got the biggest news yet...that he was needed to serve our country and he was the ONE man who passed the tests that many have failed behind him and was chosen to protect our county so that means they would have to move even further away and that thought has had me devastated....I worry I wont see him again and how I will be able to keep in touch but my father sent me a letter that helped me though those fears and I would like to share it with you.
My father is my hero and has taught me so much. I LOVE YOU DAD! 

Sorry about this but I am taking the letter down for now. His safety is a priority and although I am not sure that the letter will cause any harm to him or his career I would like to be safe. 

Here are some things he wrote that really meant a lot:

I believe God has placed me where I can be of greatest influence.

This position holds the greatest responsibility, and I am eager to serve my country. I am one of he few who said "I will". If every person that was asked to go to Afghanistan or Iraq was able to say "no", then America would have never achieved the freedom we have today. 

This will be my last hurrah as a uniformed member. Why not leave after performing a highly prestigious job.

Remember I have Faith in God, which provides me plenty of hope for tomorrow.