Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Best Friend

I would like to take the time to write about my best friend my younger brother! When Brandon and I started dating he was bragging about being on the hallway patrol he was so tiny and in order to impress me you had to include my little bro in our fun and Brandon and him got along so well I think he wanted to go every where with B he even had pictures of him in his Binder which was so cute but back to him when he was little he was like my baby I went to all of his games I would drop anything to be with him and even though the age difference he always wanted to know what I thought how I was feeling if I was down he would cheer me up he would drop all of his plans to hang out with me and still to this day doesn't matter how old her is he would drop girlfriend anything to fly out and see me when I had Cadon he was only about 12 and he just loved being an uncle and still to this day loves my babies like no other I am so proud of my brother he has overcame so many things and influences growing up he has always been an advanced student and NEVER got into trouble he played sports and was very good at it he NEVER got involved with the wrong crowed and he has always expressed his values such as never doing drugs and wanting to be a very loyal person to both his family and friends when he was very young one of our best friends was in a bad car accident and died my little brother was in another car and witnessed the whole thing he was the one who watched him die and after that he has turned into such a very honorable MAN he cares about his family and friends he takes very good care of himself and I just want to take the time to tell you ANDRE RAMOS you are my best friend I love you more then words could describe I am so proud of the person you have became and I want you to know that I would do anything for you thank you for always being there I LOVE YOU here are some pics of my little brother