Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Time

I have to start out with how proud I am of myself of updating my blog so much!!! I would also like to brag about how many free things I have got in the mail already from some of my fav websites with fun deals and steals I already scored big time made my free leather photo book from Picaboo and I have ordered my free photo collage from Snapfish which was totally free and included shipping while I ordered that I was given 20 fee 4x6 photo prints for signing up to the website and then Walmart has been doing 7 Days of deals and are giving away something free everyday the first day I heard about it I got a free 8x10 which came out great and was free I picked it up in store the next day then I kind of skipped a few days of deals but when I checked it out again it was 75% off photo books and shipping so I checked out the designs and they WERE WAY TO CUTE TO PASS UP THE DEAL so I went ahead and made one I will be constantly on the look out for deals and I will post them up online for my family and friends to see just remember even if you think why do I need more photos in the house or have no need for the free stuff they make great gifts for family and friends!!! On another note I wanted to post some pictures from an amazing week we had the lockes over for dinner,we went to the water park, the craft bazaar in Nampa and went to the Discovery Center!!! I love nothing more then spending time with family it makes me happy beyond belief I am loving living in Idaho and I love getting to know my husbands family and every time spent with them is a new memory I will never forget I miss my family so much and if it wasnt for all the support of my family here I would not have been able to do it....Try and take a baby away from her mom or the other way around ITS HARD but I have been able to do it I LOVE MY FAMILY AND I AM LIVING LIFE AND LOVING EVERY SECOND