Sunday, September 6, 2009

Take your brother out day!!!

Today I decided to spend the whole day out with my brother Andre as you know we will be leaving soon and I wanted to make sure he knew how much we love him and love spending time with him. He is 14 and most 14 year olds spend most of their time hanging out with a close friend and talking on the phone so I dont get much one on one time with him and he isn't really "into" the whole family get together's anyways we took him to the aquarium and we had a blast they added a few more exhibits so it was cool to see something new together for the first time. I have to say I am very proud of my little man last time we went he was afraid of most of the hands on exhibits and this time he put his full arm in the tank with the sting rays and even grabbed one by its tail he was determined and they just kept popping up beside him it seems they liked his hands on approach and then the sting rays did something cool they started swimming up and splashing around like they were trying to swim out of the tank and its not deep at all. Cadon also touched a snake it wasn't anything big to him today the woman said do you want to pet the and before she said snake he was petting it. He also touched a horseshoe crab? i think that's what they are called but yep he did it. After two hours at the aquarium Brandon took Andre to see Final Destination thanks to my sister who got free tickets from the local radio station and gave them to the boys. Today was great my brother is very special to me and I love him so much I am really going to miss you boo when we move thanks for a great day!