Monday, October 20, 2008


My husband was deployed overseas on the USS IWO JIMA in August of 08. My In-laws Invited me to stay with them for the time Brandon will be gone to help me in any way and to get to know their grandson. I gladly took them up on their offer and took a flight to Idaho the day after my husband left. Since we have been here I have already made so many beautiful memories! The first week we were here we had a bonfire and it was a blast the next week we I went to Art In the Park which has a bunch of vendors from all around the world that showcase their artwork and little crafts that you can buy and It was so much fun. It is now October and to start fall off right the Lurcook/Locke Family went to pick apples which I had never done before we also went to a pumpkin patch and picked some nice pumpkins to carve and I am happy to say I will be carving my first pumpkin this year!! Cadon was a trooper it was freezing the day we went to the pumpkin patch but he soon found himself surrounded by pumpkins and he had a ball he even picked out the cutest one it was just the right size! On another note my sister in-law is expecting and I get to meet little P in November. I am so happy for the Locke Family and am very proud of my sister Ashley she is such a wonderful friend a great wife and she will be the best mother. Since Brandon left he has been able to send me emails and update me on the neat things he gets to see and do. He has been to Israel and has swam in the Dead Sea! Right now he is somewhere in Bahrain he is doing very well and we are all so proud of him for everything he is doing for us and for the United States. Cadon misses his daddy very much and asks about him everyday and I calmly let him know daddy is working on a boat and we will get to see him very soon. Every time Cadon hears a helicopter of airplane he points in the air and shouts dada, which just makes me melt. Cadon is Two years old now and is growing so fast I cant believe how much he has grown he may be a little monster at times which I am guilty for I think he might get it from me? Hahaha But he loves his mommy and if ever im sick he is the one to get me a blanket and wrap me up and give me hugs when mommy gets sad and snuggles with me every night with his little arms wrapped around me he is my WORLD. And to add to our growing family I am expecting Baby Lurcook #2 In April of next year, which means Brandon will be get to be there for the birth of his second little peanut being born!!! I do want to end this blog with letting my family back home ~ The Ramos/Malone Family~ Know that we miss you all very much and I want to thank my mom and dad for everything they have done for my family and we are so very grateful to have you in our lives Cadon misses his Nana very much and his Papa! Lillian your almost 18 WOW my baby sister is all grown up I will always be here for you don’t ever forget that and for my little boo face Andre aka ” Walrus” I don’t want you to grow up anymore so when I get home you better still be my lil baby brother I love and miss you very much! And Jacob you are such a great man and brother keep your head up you are going to do great things and as for Krystal I miss our little chats and our trips to Cold Stone you are such a great friend and we are always thinking about you see you In January! That’s it for today I will put some recent pictures up as soon as I figure out how to!!!!