Saturday, October 25, 2008


October 25, 2008
Today was Dane’s second birthday, which is Cadon’s second cousin…….so we had a birthday party to go to which was a blast! They rented a moon bounce and the kids just jumped and jumped. At the birthday party Amy announced she was expecting another one so baby Lurcook and baby Locke will have a buddy to go on play dates with. So congratulations to you! And on another note as my day was coming to an end Cadon’s was just starting his uncle Matt and Auntie Ashley planned a sleepover and I know they are going to have so much fun he loves his auntie and uncle so much I bet they will play video games watch cartoons and maybe they will give him all the chocolate he can eat I mean he is away from his mommy and that’s usually how it goes when he stays with his grandparents but I am going to enjoy this time although im already getting emotional I always say if only I could sleep in I would be the happiest woman alive I find that I cant sleep knowing I don’t get to wake up next to my little man but I am very happy because not only do I get a full nights sleep but I have a pre-natal massage tom. YAY I never do anything for myself and thanks to all the help I have here I get to do that so THANK YOU LURCOOK/LOCKE FAMILY and an end to my blog I just want to say one more thing Ashley and Matt thank you so much for making me feel so special and planning that little party for the new baby and just being so helpful Cadon really does love you and I appreciate all the little and big things you do just to help out I am so blessed to have in-laws like you oh and Lillian I am very proud of you graduating and going pursuing nursing at Radford words cant describe how proud I am of my little baby sister who is almost 18 I might add! Oh and Brandon I love and miss you only five more months and your home!!