Friday, January 23, 2009

A Long Needed Update

Alright I will start out with I am back in Virginia and I am proud to say I did pretty well being all alone with a toddler traveling. Cadon did so well on the flights but as soon as we got here he wanted me to take him to the car to go back to his grandmas. I have been running around trying to get every thing ready for me to go back to my apartment I am still staying at my moms until I get my cable box in the mail. Only 79 days and baby number two will arrive I just cant wait!!!!!
Sorry this is going to be a short blog today I have to go put cadon down for bed but I do want to say how much he misses all of his family back in Idaho he really misses his best friend in the whole world BABY P. This week Cadon came to me and had scissors he asked for a hair cut so after he begged for a couple of days I felt bad it was always in his face and it bothered him so he had his first real real haircut I have trimmed his hair before but he has never had it cut he did so well just sat there and was very still. Here are some pictures of Cadons new DEW and there is also a picture of his hair before we got it cut he was sitting in his new Cadillac.