Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well I have decided to share some of my favorite blogs I follow remember just search around on the websites I recommend signing up for their daily emails and they will send you the new deals steals and freebie links straight to your email ENJOY!!!!:


Family Time

I have to start out with how proud I am of myself of updating my blog so much!!! I would also like to brag about how many free things I have got in the mail already from some of my fav websites with fun deals and steals I already scored big time made my free leather photo book from Picaboo and I have ordered my free photo collage from Snapfish which was totally free and included shipping while I ordered that I was given 20 fee 4x6 photo prints for signing up to the website and then Walmart has been doing 7 Days of deals and are giving away something free everyday the first day I heard about it I got a free 8x10 which came out great and was free I picked it up in store the next day then I kind of skipped a few days of deals but when I checked it out again it was 75% off photo books and shipping so I checked out the designs and they WERE WAY TO CUTE TO PASS UP THE DEAL so I went ahead and made one I will be constantly on the look out for deals and I will post them up online for my family and friends to see just remember even if you think why do I need more photos in the house or have no need for the free stuff they make great gifts for family and friends!!! On another note I wanted to post some pictures from an amazing week we had the lockes over for dinner,we went to the water park, the craft bazaar in Nampa and went to the Discovery Center!!! I love nothing more then spending time with family it makes me happy beyond belief I am loving living in Idaho and I love getting to know my husbands family and every time spent with them is a new memory I will never forget I miss my family so much and if it wasnt for all the support of my family here I would not have been able to do it....Try and take a baby away from her mom or the other way around ITS HARD but I have been able to do it I LOVE MY FAMILY AND I AM LIVING LIFE AND LOVING EVERY SECOND

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Best Friend

I would like to take the time to write about my best friend my younger brother! When Brandon and I started dating he was bragging about being on the hallway patrol he was so tiny and in order to impress me you had to include my little bro in our fun and Brandon and him got along so well I think he wanted to go every where with B he even had pictures of him in his Binder which was so cute but back to him when he was little he was like my baby I went to all of his games I would drop anything to be with him and even though the age difference he always wanted to know what I thought how I was feeling if I was down he would cheer me up he would drop all of his plans to hang out with me and still to this day doesn't matter how old her is he would drop girlfriend anything to fly out and see me when I had Cadon he was only about 12 and he just loved being an uncle and still to this day loves my babies like no other I am so proud of my brother he has overcame so many things and influences growing up he has always been an advanced student and NEVER got into trouble he played sports and was very good at it he NEVER got involved with the wrong crowed and he has always expressed his values such as never doing drugs and wanting to be a very loyal person to both his family and friends when he was very young one of our best friends was in a bad car accident and died my little brother was in another car and witnessed the whole thing he was the one who watched him die and after that he has turned into such a very honorable MAN he cares about his family and friends he takes very good care of himself and I just want to take the time to tell you ANDRE RAMOS you are my best friend I love you more then words could describe I am so proud of the person you have became and I want you to know that I would do anything for you thank you for always being there I LOVE YOU here are some pics of my little brother

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well I have been a very determined girl lately I have been going to the water park everyday and I always have stuff for this kids to do since I hate them sitting in front of the tv and I want them to go outside and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts I constantly am on the go we go to the water park when it opens and stay for three house just me and the boys and this last Saturday we went to walmart for the dora birthday celebration only to find out dora wasn't showing up but at least we had other plans and my mother in law invited me to a craft bazaar at the park which was a lot of fun I love getting out of the house and spending time with family other then that I have been GO GO GO GOTTA GO TO THE PARK,COOK,CLEAN,LAUNDRY the list goes on and on and on top of that the kids are put down at 7:30 and dont end up falling asleep till 10 or later so I wait then it takes me a few hours to relax which never happens because I am a paranoid momma who worries about anything and everything and then we are up at 7 am EVERY MORNING not only that the kids have been getting about 20 min of sleep so with all this tiredness and GO GO GO I forgot to take my medicine for my back and tonight I am paying the price I will be hugging the toilet and crying and HOPEFULLY GET SOME SLEEP...have you ever been in so much pain you just want to cry well thats how my night will be but I have taken some advice from my hubby and decided to take a day off tomorrow I will be staying IN..for a few hours until we need something which always happens hahaha but I will sit on my couch and watch some TV and stay in my PJs all day even but I did want to share with you guys some photos of today at the water park we had a blast like always and Brandon got to come I love my little family and after a long day having fun we invited the Lockes to come over for a BBQ we always have fun the adults sipped on mimosas and Ashley and I took the kids out for a nice walk that turned out to be a run because the Escalade was on full speed and we had to run to catch up to the kids all in all I have learned that I need to take moment by moment remember myself and try to take a break enjoy the little things and the only thing that makes me happy is spending time with my family oh and that my husband is one of the most hard working people I know and without him I wouldn't be as happy and content as I am at this very moment my family is my everything and that includes Carol,Jeff,Ashley,Cami,Spencer,Matt,Paiton,Krystal,Kylina,Lilly,Andre,My Mom and Dad and all my cousins and extended family but most of all cant forget the grandparents G~MA RIGGS AND LURCOOKS YOU ROCK

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free 8x10 photo at Walgreens

I just got my free 8x10 photo at just enter this code at checkout:FREE_8X10_DEAL .............. and you dont even have to pay for shipping just pick up in store pick the closest one and pick the picture up the next day here is a pick of my receipt so you know it isnt a scam